Get On Gab

It might be currently a right-wing echo chamber, but it doesn't have to be.

Unless you're somewhat on the fringes of the internet lately, or at least, don't do much else other than stay on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, sharing cat memes and interacting with family and friends, you probably haven't heard of Gab.

Gab will appear like one of the new alternative social media platforms around, but has actually been around since 2016, created by Andrew Torba, who is still the CEO of Gab.

Wikipedia has a rather unkind page on Gab, which is unfortunate, but speaks to the current landscape of actual misinformation and scaremongering. If you believe Wikipedia, Gab is nothing but a far right-wing echo chamber filled with neo-nazis and white-supremacists.

The only part of that, that is true is that it is somewhat of a right-wing echo chamber. But that's the nature of conservatives having flocked there after all the troubles on the Big Tech platforms, which seem to have a very real bias and bent in how they curate content.

In reality, my experience with Gab has shown that while the echo chamber may be real, it lives up to it's promise of being about true free speech, while still not tolerating things that aren't apart of free speech such as inciting violence. Mainstream media would probably have you believe otherwise, but personal experience is key. You will come across an occasional obvious racist or homophobe, but these people seem to get ignored by the majority, and the Block function is always your friend.

With a true free speech oriented platform like Gab, your experience really is what you make it in some ways. The aforementioned Block button will help a lot if you find someone unsavoury. Don't like what they have to say? You don't have to see it (FYI I haven't had to block anyone yet). As I said, not absolutely anything goes on Gab such as inciting violence, but otherwise it doesn't seem like you'll get censored for, y'know, having an opinion that the likes of Twitter crazies can't handle. Merely having a centrist or right leaning persuasion seems to be enough to put you in the naughty corner on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which is freakin' sad when you think about it.

So, to the point of this post - get on Gab.

If you're a leftie, get on Gab. No, I'm serious. If you're fair and objective, you'll agree echo chambers are not a good thing. Gab is already growing at an incredible rate and no doubt there are already more diverse people joining. Gab's strength is it's totally pro-free speech mantra, but also the entire infrastructure is owned and built by Torba and his team, so it won't get wiped out like Parler did when Amazon decided to flex it's censorship muscles.

And by all means, follow me there too:

Update 09-02-2021: Having used Gab a bit longer, I still stand by my general idea of the more people and diverse opinions end up on there, the better. However, fair warning, there are a lot of Christian fundamentalists and with that brings some interesting interactions whenever someone makes it clear they are gay, for example. In this case, some very intolerant viewpoints come about. It's not everyone, but with a free speech platform, and a heavy slant towards conservative Christians... well, you've been warned. That said, it still reinforces my original point. And the alternatives, where said conservative Christians themselves are actually persecuted, such as on Facebook and Twitter, are not exactly pleasant either.