The Linux Rain

The Linux Rain is an Australian based site by yours truly, for all things GNU/Linux, including reviews, news, gaming, opinion pieces and tutorials.

I started The Linux Rain around 2013. I intended it to be more of a Linux news and reviews site, although I soon discovered that would be a lot more of a work load than I anticipated. Not only that, but the market is pretty well filled for that sort of thing anyway.

So, The Linux Rain became more a niche site. With my personal passion of Linux gaming and general Linux usage, the site became the home of sometimes slightly obscure tips and tricks that are typically not well documented and software reviews, from distros to Linux games themselves.

Side Note: The site actually started as, but somewhat embarassingly, I forgot to renew the domain as of December 2020 and it was registered by some unknown entity, I assume it was picked up by cybersquatting bot crawlers or something. In any case, I moved quickly to register a .org address and here we are. No doubt lost some link juice and Google search reputation there, but at least we're still up and running.