As I wander the Valley of Endless Loneliness

Time twists and turns, agonizingly still and burning

All the while the world rushes forward into the dark horizon

Seemingly always putting distance between me and my yearning.

I press on along the cracked and desolate lands, straining

Pulling along my beaten heart behind me, chained to my hands

The sky comes crashing down, stars falling as if it were raining

Still I press on under the endless weight.

The ground screams and shakes, ever escaping is my rage

Bitter and resentful emotion flows like a river

The Valley of Endless Loneliness becomes my stage

Until I have almost nothing else to give.

As a part of me desperately tries to live

My heart enshrouds itself in stone

This cold hard armor both a prison and a sanctuary

Becomes my home.

Familiar shadows arise around me in the nearby darkness

Their voices echo all around, beckoning me on

I follow them just as I had become resigned to my fate

Hoping it’s not too late.

Published 2015-07-05