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Andrew Powell

Popular Default Runescape character (in-joke if you don't know), Luke Smith, has some interesting things to say about Bitcoin. To be honest given the likes of Jack Dorsey has been throwing his support behind the cryptocurrency I was already getting suspicious. Tread carefully crypto-friends.

Beware Bitcoin - 19:02 2021-02-16

Andrew Powell

And so Cancel Culture gets another little minor victory. Also a victory for absolute morons. I hope they're proud, because onwards they march ironically towards fascism.

Gina Carano Fired - 19:30 2021-02-11

Andrew Powell

What could possibly go wrong?

Whitehouse Supporting Censorship - 14:00 2021-02-02

Andrew Powell

I think it's about time we Make RSS Great Again. Thanks to tinkering with sfeed (may end up doing an article on it), I'm remembering how handy a good list of RSS feeds can be.

All without having to sign up to <insert service> or end up with unwanted subscriptions.

Make RSS Great Again - 13:51 2021-02-02

Andrew Powell

Articles like this one ( just serves to highlight how far Google have come from the old mantra "do no evil". It's sad that they are so ingrained in many of our lives.

Google Abuse of Power - 15:09 2021-01-29

Andrew Powell

If anyone has any suggestions on DRM-free eBook sources... I'm all ears. I think the current landscape of eBooks vs real physical books is just terrible. I love my Kobo eReader, but have to jump through hoops to avoid DRM'd eBooks and being forced into a store. I have no problem buying eBooks, it's just the nature of the DRM I can't stand.

On Ebooks - 11:16 2021-01-29

Andrew Powell

Hello world! This is my notes (read: Tweet alternative) section of my site.

My First Note - 11:18 2021-01-29